Feeling the pressure

Hello, everyone!

This post will be a little bit about what is going on in my life at the moment. Being a student in Russia is kind of hard, to be honest, I’ve been here for 4 years and every day is a struggle to adapt. Not only the language and the culture is totally different from mine, but the education system is challenging at least.

I’m in my 3 years of studying international relations, my career is mostly trying to understand what is happening in the word and how the countries interact with each other, the current international situation is very tense, but I love my career because it helps you understand all these events and how they affect us. When I told my family I was going to study International Relations, they were not very happy, the first thing they told me is that in Colombia this type of career in pretty new and the work options are very slim, the second thing they told me is to be careful or I will turn into “a communist”. I have to clear out that Colombia has a history of capitalism and sadly a bad relationship with the opposition “Communists” that resulted in a civilian war that lasted more than 50 years, now we are on our way to change things, but this explains the reaction of my family and friends.

When I get to Russia and I had my first class, I was expecting some Soviet supporters or a IMG_7881big opposition to the US and so, because this is how it’s shown in the western media. But to be honest I was surprised to find out that they were very objective about everything, from history to politics, everything had two sides of the story and we would learn both of them. There were some hot topics like the conflict with Ukraine and the war in Syria or even the role of Stalin in Russian History. But I quickly realized that they are not the hard-headed people against the US, some of them are very critical of their president and his policies. This was an eye-opener for me, and I learn to not judge a book by its cover or not to listen and immediately believe to the media, but instead to investigate and have all the sides of the story. I don’t always agree with my teachers but again not all the Russians agree with their teachers. I’m very happy I decided to study here and this particular career and my classmate couldn’t be any more supportive, I’m the only foreign, so they are really very helpful and nice to me.


Other aspects of my career are the different languages that we have to learn. When I started, I already knew some English so it wasn’t difficult for me but when we started french…. Well, I had a really hard time, which is ironic because my mother language is Spanish so you would expect that French will be easier >.< Maybe is just me, maybe I’m just slow with French or it’s just too many languages mixing in my head, the truth is that French it’s still a challenge for me every year.

Next Tuesday is my French exam so, wish me luck!


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