St. Petersburg in Winter

Following the trip with my family through some Russian cities, we stayed in St. Petersburg for a week and it was like going back in time to the Imperial Russia. The difference between Moscow and St. Peter is big, I’ve to say that it was like walking into a fairy tale, the architecture, the Hermitage Museum and like every coffee shop was beautiful.



The first day we walk through the city and we thought we could handle the weather, after all we survived in Moscow! St. Peter would be the same! right?. Well no. That very first day we rent a car so we could enjoy the city.


The city is surrounded by canals and water, that means the cold is worst and we were just not made for this.  If you want to go to St. Petersburg and you are not used to extreme cold, I strongly advise you to go in summer. In winter the city is beautiful too, but in summer you can walk and enjoy the architecture.




We stayed in an apartment, they are very cheap and easy to rent. I always use to find hostels, hotels or apartments and is very easy and reliable for non-Russian speakers. The apartment cost us like $350 USD for a week and we were 4 people. It was a great deal. The metro is also very simple and easy to use but because we rent a car, we didn’t use the metro like in Moscow.




On our fourth day we visited The Hermitage Museum and I must say, you need to go. It was like, I don’t even know how to describe it. Let’s just say that it was a magical place. The museum opens Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday from 10:30 to 18:00. Wednesday and Friday from 10:30 to 21:00. Mondays is closed.


The tickets are like $12.00 USD and is better for you to buy them online in the official site of the museum because the line outside can be really long and you need minimum 2 days to explore it. after all it is a former palace now used as museum. It has 6 buildings all beautiful and amazing. We went for just one day and we really wished we had more time.





Here I’m gonna post some pictures from the official site of the museum because to be honest my camera was not the best and I want you to see how beautiful it is.

The Great (Old) Hermitage

The New Hermitage


The General Staff Building


The Building of Menshikov Palace


The Hermitage Theatre


The Winter Palace


The Small Hermitage


In this room there is a Peacock clock and it was my favorite part of the museum so I will add a Video, in case you want to know little bit more about it.

The last day we decided to visit the Zoo, and it was very fun. The tickets were like $7.00 USD. It wasn’t different from any other Zoo but we had a good time.

Ps: Growing up I used to watch Timon and Pumbaa, so I always wanted to see a meerkat.

It was a unforgettable adventure, Russia is just an amazing country and sometimes we don’t give it the chance that deservers, the language and the weather may be an obstacle sometimes, but don’t let that keep you from traveling to incredible places, just take the risk.




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