Durante este viaje que es la vida, tomo decisiones que trazan mi destino, muchas de las cuales no son las mas acertadas, decisiones llenas de sentimiento y poca lógica, pero también decisiones que me llevan a conocer personas increíbles y lugares maravillosos. Este año fue la transición de un etapa que esta llegando a su... Continue Reading →


Moscow in Winter

I currently live in Russia, not specifically in Moscow but I wanted to share with you all the experience I had visiting this amazingly cold city.  A few years ago my family visited me from Colombia, so as you can imagine for many of them it was their first time experiencing snow and the cold... Continue Reading →

The Meaning of Distance

Distance means to know how to appreciate a coffee with your people, with the ones that are always there, or just a simple beer enjoying the sunlight. It's missing the smallest things and stories, that you didn't notice before. It's tasting the flavor of a welcoming hug, even if is just for a few days. This... Continue Reading →

Why am I starting a Blog?

I would like to say first that English is NOT my first language, having said that... I think that this is a great way to improve and practice my english. I want a place where I can feel free to be myself and to write whatever it's happening in my life right now, also I... Continue Reading →

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