I remember the first time I felt broken. You left me, but when you were here I didn't appreciate you. Guilt, Regret, Jealousy. You had everything that I've wanted all my life. stability, parents, love. You were pure, you were a baby. I loved you, and jet you brought the worst of me. You left me, and I... Continue Reading →



Quisiera ser invisible para ser vista por todos. Quisiera ser gigante para poder esconderme. Quisiera saber mucho idiomas para no tener que hablar con nadie. Quisiera soñar que vivo en una realidad alterna, Diferente a la que a diario me enfrento.

I would like some relief

I would like to be invisible to be seen by everyone. I would like to be a giant so I can hide. I would like to know many languages so I do not have to talk to anyone. I would like to dream that I live an alternate reality, different from my own. I wish I... Continue Reading →

Who are you really?

You are not a name or a height, or a weight, or a gender. You are not an age and you are not where are you from. You are not your favorite movie and the song stuck in your head. You are your thoughts and what you eat for breakfast on Saturday morning. You are... Continue Reading →

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